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ishmamsabab Again,I won!!Italy 9-5 South Africa. :)  ;)  :8  :wave:  :clap:.                                    Passes                                                 Italy 184-58 South Africa.                    Total Shots                                            Italy 18-29 South Africa.                         Possession                                    Italy 63%-37% South Africa.                  THANK YOU!! :)  ;)  :8  :wave:  :clap:. 1.
ishmamsabab I always won this game. :8  :)  ;)  :wave:  :clap:.Today,I won England 9-2 Algeria.Total Passes-England 176-41 Algeria.Minutes-15 Difficultly-Easy!! :)  ;)  :8  :wave:  :clap: 2.
pepe :8  :8  :8  :8  :8  :8  :8  :8  :8  :8  :8  :8 3.
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